Our ever-expanding jobs, minimum viable process, and coordination challenges in large organizations.
Engineering advice from non-technical people, how to make better decisions when scaling a company, how to differentiate between good and great product…
Giving and receiving feedback, the Accountability Dial, and how to make better decisions as a leader.
A helpful product leadership framework, how to do team health checks, and understanding the culture map of your organization.
Also the anti-label music label, and Stephen King’s new masterpiece
Team topologies, reading for work vs. pleasure, and the power of Afrobeat.
I know I'm loved by you, either way.
Maybe this year will be better than the last.
Thoughts on Liminality, Monsters, and Ubuntu.
Another issue that is not about product, because how could it be.
Where I come out of hiding just to say hi to all of you.
We also go deep on the African philosophy of Ubuntu