👋 Welcome to the Elezea Newsletter

Elezea is a Swahili word that means to elucidate, explain, clarify, and relate. Everything I write is in that spirit.

The internet is full of resources and training opportunities for product managers who want to learn the basics. What is less common is spaces for seasoned product managers and leaders to learn and grow together. I am hoping that this newsletter will fill some of that gap.

Every so often—sometimes weekly, sometimes not—I will send out a few resources I have come across to help product leaders build strong, empowered teams. I may also tell a story or two from my own experience, and probably throw in some music recommendations to help you get through your week.

Wherever you are on your product career journey, I hope you will join me!

My name is Rian van der Merwe. I'm a product leader with a background in user experience design and sociology. I am currently Head of Product for Postmark, where I work remotely from Portland, OR.